Be your own ruler

Asset governance on Radix DLT.

Evane brings asset governance to the next level. Be your own ruler by managing your assets in a trustless manner on Radix DLT, while all the benefits are provided by Evane.

Security by design

Secure your assets with multi-signature transactions

Manage the security of your accounts with multi-signature transactions. Set rules on shared accounts to require multiple team members to sign outgoing transactions, ensuring no single user can drain an account without authorization.

Pending transactions

Keep funds secure with handshake transactions

You can send an outgoing transaction to a ‘pending’ state that requires the receiving party to accept their incoming assets before money moves from your wallet. Avoid irreversible mistakes with transactions.

Visualize assets

Get an overview of all your teams assets

The Evane team account will help you visualize the assets of your entire team and its businesses. You can keep track of incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as calculate the fiat value of those transactions.

Easier bookkeeping

Enrich transactions with data

Our platform allows you to enrich on-ledger transactions with off-ledger information, collaborate with comments, exchange fiat currency on transaction level and track historical data. It makes bookkeeping easier by allowing you to find patterns in your ledger data that can lead to increased accountability.

Connect your decentralized app

Receive your fees into team managed accounts

Evane brings a new level of security to decentralized applications on Radix DLT. Create secure shared accounts that automatically receive your decentralized app fees.